THANK YOU for the support you gave us during the Primary Election. We will continue to listen to your questions and concerns and be the advocate for township residents, regardless of party affiliation.
     We are passionate about moving this township forward by making good proactive decisions TODAY, that will benefit  us TOMORROW. Our goal is to re-establish the good name of LOWER SWATARA TOWNSHIP.
     “Preserve the quality of life that we’ve come to enjoy today” is a phrase that has been repeatedly used by the other candidates. However, it has been Ron and Chris, through their many years of public service in Lower Swatara Township, who have had a significant, positive impact on building the quality of life that you currently enjoy.
     Lack of leadership has caused the township to once again lose its Chief Administrator, the Township Manager. This has happened three (3) times in the last three (3) years. The constant change in management directly impacts the decisions made by the Board and affects the daily operations of the township, its employees, and in turn its citizens.


Retired Lower Swatara Township Manager

“I will draw from the knowledge and experience I have gained through past accomplishments and my 35 years of public service as your former Township Manager and Planning and Zoning Director, in addition to my work with the Municipal Sewer Authority, to make proactive decisions that will result in the greater good for township taxpayers. I have invested half of my life working to make Lower Swatara Township a great place to live and work. I am truly looking forward to serving this great community once again.”

Former Lower Swatara Township Fire Chief

“When I moved to the township 32 years ago I felt a calling to serve the community. I have been a member of the volunteer fire department for 30 years and held various positions, including fire chief, where I secured over $820,000 in grant monies for various projects to improve protection of our residents. Additionally, my 10 years of service on the Planning Commission has provided me with an understanding of how slow, steady growth works to increase the tax base keeping taxes low for residents. I look forward to being a part of the township’s continued growth and focusing on residents' needs.”