Former Lower Swatara Township Fire Chief
Fire Chief
I have held various positions in the Fire Department, most recently being Fire Chief where I worked to improve the services we provided to residents. I was the project manager overseeing the design and construction of the new fire station and I secured more than $820,000 in grant monies used to fund various projects.
Planning Commission
During my time on the Planning Commission, I did my due diligence to understand key growth concerns and develop the best plan to increase the tax base while serving residents' needs. This experience will help me when considering development plans and how they impact residents. 
Township Resident
When I moved into the township 32 years ago I felt the need to serve the community and I  started by joining the Lower Swatara Volunteer fire department where I've been a member for 30 years.

​​​​​​​I am running for Board of Commissioner because I feel that I have the knowledge and experience to put the township back on the right path, making township residents the number one priority. There is a growing divide between residents and their elected officials and it stems from a lack of transparency and leadership. If I am elected, I will make every effort to engage residents in decision-making and find ways to make public meetings more accessible. ​

As a member of the 2016 comprehensive plan committee, I voted to keep the area of Longview Drive and North Union Street to Oberlin Road as residential and agricultural to preserve this area for the future. There are other areas in the township that have better access and traffic flow.

In my 30 years as a member/officer at the Lower Swatara Volunteer Fire Department, I have helped residents through the worst days of their lives. I have seen the township through major emergencies and worked with then manager, Ron Paul, to ensure the safety of the residents.

Throughout my years in Lower Swatara, I've learned a lot about the township that will help improve the community for all residents. I feel that by funding my own campaign I am able to focus on my constituents and their needs without feeling a need to accommodate any individuals or special interest groups. I am passionate about understanding residents' needs and I look forward to sharing my knowledge to preserve the quality of life that I helped build during my time as a public servant.

  As Fire Chief, I chose to take responsibility for our grant writing rather than voting to hire an outside consultant to write the grants for us. I was successful in securing 14 grants for more than $820,000 for a variety of Fire Department projects and aquisitions including:

2 private grants for a total of $30,000 
  • Hose, computers, and fire prevention equipment

10 state grants for a total of over $250,000
  •  Various equipment and new station land purchase  
2 Dauphin County Casino Grants for a total of $540,000
  • New rescue truck and new utility and rescue boat